Patricia Sprinkle


Born in West Virginia but raised in Florida and North Carolina, Patricia Sprinkle writes fiction that draws from her Southern roots. She is the author of more than 20 books, including Hold Up the Sky (2010), Who Let That Killer in the House? (2003), Murder on Peachtree Street (1991), and Murder in the Charleston Manner (1990). Set in the contemporary South, Sprinkle’s fiction depicts women growing stronger as they confront issues such as caregiving, widowhood, divorce, alcoholism, drugs, and abuse. Sprinkle has also produced works of nonfiction such as Children Who Do Too Little (1996) and Women Who Do Too Much (1992). 

After graduating from Vassar College, Sprinkle spent a winter writing in the Scottish Highlands before settling in Atlanta. She loves mild winters, sweet tea, Coca-Cola, warm beaches, and strong women. Sprinkle currently lives in Miami, Florida; she has two grown children.

Festival Years: 2002