Our Story

Thanks to a generous lead donation by Bob and Shelley Hudson, the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing (CCFW) was established in 2016 to run the biennial Festival of Faith & Writing (est. 1990) and to launch long-dreamed-of initiatives.

The CCFW capitalizes on the rich heritage of the long-running Festival, expanding the conversations that often begin there into additional educational opportunities, deeper community engagement, and sustained scholarship for readers of all ages.

The Festival began in the English department at Calvin University, where the CCFW is rooted. Additionally, the CCFW brings together departments & organizations across campus, and aims to be a strong literary partner—both in the West Michigan community and beyond.

Hospitality is at the core of the CCFW’s efforts to convene conversations between people from the many diverse communities made and served by religious writing. In all its activities, the CCFW endeavors to create spaces wherein people from many faith traditions are welcomed warmly, listened to with respect and generosity, and inspired to deeper engagement with the common good.

Today, CCFW initiatives include:

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