Safer Spaces

Hospitality is a foundational value for the CCFW and for all its initiatives, including the Festival of Faith & Writing.

As our vision statement says: In all its activities, the CCFW endeavors to create spaces wherein people from many faith traditions are welcomed warmly, listened to with respect and generosity, and inspired to deeper engagement with the common good.

For this reason among others, we’re enthusiastic supporters of Calvin University’s Safer Spaces policy. Safer Spaces, in keeping with Title IX, aims to eliminate discrimination and violence based on sex, but the university’s policy also goes beyond Title IX to include all instances of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ability, or another marker of identity. We are committed to providing a gracious welcome and just treatment for all protected groups on Calvin’s campus and in the wider Calvin community.

Students, staff, and faculty associated with the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing are trained to spot, report, and, when possible, disrupt harassment. We also expect the CCFW’s broader community to join our efforts to create a safe space for all fellow readers by approaching others with respect and generosity.

We will support you—or someone you know—if any of the following occur at an event hosted by the CCFW:

  • discrimination
  • harassment
  • retaliation

You can report incidents or concerns directly to any staff or faculty associated with the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing. You can also report concerns to the Calvin University Safer Spaces team via their online incident report form. Our goal is to investigate concerns objectively and to provide support for those involved in Safer Spaces cases. We also work with other university offices and departments to help Calvin become a safer and more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community.