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Leslie Leyland Fields

Journalism, Memoir, Spirituality

Leslie Leyland Fields is the multi-award winning author of 12 books, including The Wonder Years and Crossing the Waters, which won CT's 2017 Book Award in Christian Living. Her newest book is Your Story Matters: Finding, Writing and Living the Truth of Your Life (NavPress). Others include Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers and The Spirit of Food. Her books have been translated into nine languages.

Fields teaches throughout the U.S. and world on matters of faith, writing, discipleship, forgiveness, food, and parenting. Every summer she leads The Harvester Island Wilderness Writing Workshop on her island in Alaska. Guest writers have included Philip Yancey, Ann Voskamp, Bret Lott, and Luci Shaw. In 2019, she added the Spirit of Food Retreat, a hands-on food and faith workshop.

Fields is grateful for travel and for her home on two islands in Alaska where she and her husband have raised six kids and where they still work in commercial fishing. 

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