Jo Kuyvenhoven

Jo Kuyvenhoven is an educator for literacy teaching and learning. She instructs Undergraduate Teaching of Reading and Graduate Studies of Education - Literacy at Calvin University. Kuyvenhoven is also a literacy consultant to UNICEF, the International Rescue Committee, and CAUSE Canada, and other organizations.

In 2009, Kuyvenhoven received a $50,000 grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development and Higher Education for Development. The grant funded Kuyvenhoven's work in Sierra Leone, where she and fellow educators developed a reading syllabus for the country's primary schools. Kuyvenhoven was later asked to help lead the $17.9 million "Revitalize Education Development Project" in Sierra Leone, funded by the World Bank's Global Partnership for Education. 

Kuyvenhoven holds a Ph.D. in Educational Studies - Language, Literacy, Narrative from the University of British Columbia. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Festival Years: 2014