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Daniel Taylor


Daniel Taylor is the author of nine books, most recently Do We Not Bleed?: A Jon Mote Mystery. His other titles include Letters to My Children, Tell Me a Story: The Life-Shaping Power of Our Stories, In Search of Sacred Places: Looking for Wisdom on Celtic Holy Islands, and Creating a Spiritual Legacy: How to Share Your Stories, Values, and Wisdom.

Taylor co-founded the Legacy Center, an organization devoted to helping individuals and organizations identify and preserve the values and stories that have shaped their lives. He also served as a contributing editor for Books & Culture and as a stylist for the New Living Translation of the Bible.

A graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara and Emory University in Atlanta, Taylor began his teaching at Northwestern College in Roseville, Minnesota. He spent most of his career, however, at Bethel College (now Bethel University) in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

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