Margot Starbuck

Memoir, Spirituality, Workshop Leaders

Margot (rhymes with "Gogo"), a graduate of Westmont College and Princeton Theological Seminary, is a New York Times bestselling writer who has written dozens of books and worked alongside publishers on hundreds of major publishing projects as writer, editor, and coach. As a collaborator she especially enjoys writing alongside athletes, entertainers, and overcomers. Margot specializes in helping writers get published by equipping them to craft winning book proposals and books. Margot is the author of The Grown Woman’s Guide to Online Dating, The Solid Place: 365 Affirmations for Thriving Emotionally and Spiritually as well as The Tender Part: A Guided Workbook for Those Seeking Healing from Early Hurts. She enjoys speaking to audience around the country at women’s retreats and other events. Margot is the mom of three young adult humans, by birth and adoption, and lives in North Street Neighborhood, built around friends with disabilities, in Durham, North Carolina. Learn more at

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