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Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt

Workshop Leaders, Art

Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt (PhD, Washington University in St. Louis) is associate professor of art and art history at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. As a biracial Japanese-white woman, she has navigated the joys and tensions of a hybrid identity. Weichbrodt has published on topics ranging from contemporary Black photographers to the patronage of Hawaiian landscape paintings to documentary photographs of Japanese Americans during World War II. She also enjoys writing for general audiences on the intersection of art history, politics, and pop culture. 

Her book, Redeeming Vision: A Christian Guide to Looking at and Learning from Art (2023), is an illustrated resource that provides a practical guide for Christian viewing, offering tools for closely looking at and learning from images we encounter in the media and art around us.

Festival Years: 2024