William Vande Kopple

Criticism, Memoir

William Vande Kopple (1949-2013) taught for more than thirty years in the English Department at Calvin College (now University), touching countless students' lives through his mentorship, advising, and courses. Vande Kopple held MA and PhD degrees from the University of Chicago. His teaching interests included rhetoric and composition, stylistics, linguistics, the history of the English language, and secondary education teaching theories and methods. Vande Kopple published articles in dozens of education and English journals, and also enjoyed writing creative non-fiction. Some of his favorite writings combined his love for fishing and his family, including The Catch: Families, Fishing, and Faith (2004); The Release: More Tales of Families, Fishing, and Faith (2009); and The Lure: Still More Stories of Families, Fishing, and Faith (2012).


Festival Years: 2006