Milligan College

S. J. Dahlman

Journalism, Memoir

S. J. (Jim) Dahlman is the author of A Familiar Wilderness: Searching for Home on Daniel Boone’s Road, which chronicles his 300-mile solo hike from east Tennessee to central Kentucky, weaving in the history of the region and the stories of about two dozen people he met along the way. He is also professor of communications and humanities at Milligan College, where he teaches courses in journalism, creative nonfiction, and communications law and ethics; serves as chair of the performing, visual, and communicative arts area; and is the faculty adviser of the college student-run news service. An award-winning magazine editor and freelance journalist, Dahlman has written for numerous British and American publications, including The Guardian (UK), The Johnson City Press, and The Cincinnati Enquirer

Festival Years: 2024