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Bob Hudson

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Robert (Bob) Hudson is a senior editor at large for Zondervan/HarperCollins and the author of The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, now in its fourth edition, which has become the industry standard. He has also written a collection of poems, Kiss the Earth When You Pray, and a study of Bob Dylan’s influence on Thomas Merton, The Monk’s Record Player. In addition, he has recently collected and edited the Thomas Dekker’s prayers, Four Birds of Noah’s Ark.

Hudson co-wrote Beyond Belief: What the Martyrs Said to God with Duane Arnold and Companions for the Soul with his wife, Shelley Townsend-Hudson. Together, they also own the Perkipery Press, a chapbook publisher that has issued dozens of volumes over the past three decades.

Hudson’s poetry and articles have appeared in Seneca Review, Formalist, Mennonite, Christianity Today, Other Side, and Mars Hill Review, among many others.

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