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Amy Peterson

Environmental, Spirituality, Theology

Amy Peterson is a writer, teacher, and postulant at Duke Divinity School. She has written three books: Open Hearts, Open Home: The Call for Christian Hospitality (2018); Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World (2017); and Where Goodness Still Grows: Reclaiming Virtue in an Age of Hypocrisy (2020). Peterson’s work has appeared in The Washington Post, Christianity Today, River Teeth, and elsewhere. Her writing has been nominated for a Pushcart and won an award of excellence from the Associated Church Press.

As a teacher, Peterson has worked in cross-cultural and honors-level academics and student development. She taught ESL for two years in Southeast Asia before returning stateside to teach in California, Arkansas, Washington, and Indiana. Peterson enjoys reading, quilting, hiking, and experimenting in sustainable practices of living. She currently lives in North Carolina.

Festival Years: 2016, 2018

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